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London After Midnight.

To make this easier here was my day yesterday:
About 10 AM - Wake
Till 11:30 or so AM - Try to watch some of requiem for a dream, catch up online, eat toast.
11:45 to 2 PM - Jog to school pic up my check, leave Patrick's CD in the games room, cash check, walk to target, browse, buy object of necessity, leave walk/jog home lift a few weights get stopped by Gabe.
2 to 3 pm - Get recruited by Gabe to go to the County Courthouse to get a form so he can renew his tag, have shower, make food, call John and Stacia, get directions, leave.
3 to 5 PM - Drive 40 minutes to the courthouse, park, stand in line for half hour, talk to the lady behind the counter receive run-around Gabe has to pay for this in Sarasota, drive approximatly 40 minutes back.
5 to 5:30 pm - Rush around madly getting dressed for London After Midnight show, talk briefly to people online, Drive to Kat and Chris's.
6ish to 10ish - Drive through the boondoggled backroads of Florida, across Florida's Turn pike stop ask directions and finally find the club, Orbit, behind a "tittie bar" (our direction givers description) named Aphrodites.
10 PM until 1:30 AM when LAM takes the stage - Explore the kick-ass club, dance to music, fricking DJ played Another World three times in les than two hours! Socialize get a good spot near the front.
1:30 AM to 3:45ish AM - Kick-Ass Concert see below for more info.
4 AM to 8 AM - Drive back to Tampa from West Palm.

The concert was awesome, I wasn't a big London After Midnight fan before but I really liked their set and encoure, I bought two CD's and will probably pick up the third when it comes out next year. Heard six songs off the new album! Very nice high quality work. We were basically in the front row for the entire show and there is few things I like better than watching artists engaged in their craft up-close-and-personal. I was kind of tired during their last few songs before the encoure so I sat next to Kat and Chris and just closed my eyes and swayed to the music. I have a bad habit of falling asleep when I'm in the presence of good sounds but I woke up in time to scream for the encoure. Chris said my screams where beating out the entire other side of the room, from the way my throat felt he could be right.

I had tons of fun, the drive up was incredibly amusing as we read strange road signs and pointed out interesting middle Florida phenomenon, "Casket Factory Open to the Public." I had shotgun for most of the trip so I had a good view of the country-side and kept wrestling with the CD case for new music. On the drive back I tried to stay awake to keep Chris in conversation so that he wouldn't fall asleep and kill us all, but about halfway there he was much more awake than I and so I just drifted off waking up now and again to say something terribly odd. "Spell purple." "Hold on I'll do a search and find out for you.... wait I don't have a computer here!"

A lot of the night was spent wishing that Andrea was with me, seeing so many happy people, dancing, singing along to the music, wanting to roll into a ball to keep the air-conditioning from freezing me to the seat on the drive back, I wish I had her there so many times, I'm sure she would have loved the show. Someday right.

So now it's almost 9 AM and I need to decide wether going to sleep is a viable option or if I should just squeeze on with today and catch an early bed time tonight. I'm going to go take a bath, maybe my body will let me know by the time I get out.
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