Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue

I saw the Chronicles of Riddick last night. It fulfilled all the promise shown in Pitch Black. The director brought a mature vision to the screen with this action packed sci-fi slaughter fest. He knew why we were coming, and he gave it to us in spades. We came to see Riddick kill a bunch o' guys. I hope this is the first of a Riddick trilogy and not the second in the series. Pitch Black is a different kind of movie and while this is a sequel I think I prefer thinking of that as a prequel rather than start. Riddick is bad, the villians are Evil. What more is there to say?


I ran into some folks I hadn't seen in awhile at the preview. One of them being my former roomate James. Long time readers of this journal will remember him as the guy who was so lazy he wouldn't take out a mountain of garbage, even after I bagged it up into seven garbage bags and STUCK IT IN HIS ROOM. "Oh those weren't maggots. Just whole-grained rice." Uh-huh... since when did whole grain rice move on its own? It wouldn't have been so bad seeing him, except I ran into him at the Castle later that night and I realized the t-shirt he was wearing was one of the ones that dissapeared from my closet when he moved out. I stewed about it for awhile, and confronted him at the end of the night. And he mumbled and said non-commitally that he'd "try" to get it back to me. Just like he "tried" to take out the garbage when he lived here, or do the dishes or any of the myriad simple things he could have done to be elevated above the ranks of douche-dom. No matter, I'm making a list of stuff that dissapeared when he left. I know some people who know some people. Nuff said.

In other news, I am completely oblivious and totally unable to pick up obvious clues in regards to the female of the species. Apparently a beautiful woman was making eyes at me on the dance floor and I didn't realize it. My friend told me about it after the fact, and an impartial third party backed up his version of events. This impartial third party also praised my dancing prowess saying "it would be nice if everyone would enjoy dancing as much as him, instead of standing out on the floor looking sullen." So she (the third party a hot chick in her own right) is observant and has good taste. Anyway... enough tooting of mine horn. The fact remains that although my friend made me aware of her attention prior to the end of the night, my own shy nature prevented me from going up and introducing myself to the doe eyed lass who had cast her optical orbs in my gyrating direction. (damn I'm pretentious) We hung out for a bit in the lightning round for hopes of another glimps of the fair maiden in clearer light. However, twas not to be and I was forced to admit defeat on this night and sleepily drive Keith and then myself homeward. I almost did a few stupid traffic violations due to my exhausted state, but I did manage to navigate without nodding off completely. Almost went over a curb at one point and frighteningly when I blinked for a second as I was approaching a red light I dreamed Scooby Doo gave me a present and the light turned green in that half second. Luckily I slammed the breaks on instead of accelerating fully. I'm just too narcoleptic for my own good some days.
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