Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue

Went to a concert last night. I saw Faun Fables, Rasputina, and the Legendary Pink Dots at the State Theater in St. Petersburg. I'm tired, so descriptive words aren't coming quickly currently. Please bear with me.

Faun Fables was odd. Female singer sounded like a raspy version of Bjork. Male looked like a Renfaire version of Matthew Lillard. The music defied categorization, simply put they were experimental and a little frightening. I reserve judgement until I hear more of their stuff, but I'm not actively looking for more either.

Rasputina came up next. Why they haven't released a live CD I do not know. They were fucking awesome, what those girls can do with Cellos probably isn't legal in 13 states. But it was wonderful to behold and they kept the audience in stitches between songs with stories of Hitler ejaculating and roadies blowing cocaine up Stevie Nix's ass. Also, an impromptu version of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "I like Big Butts" added about 7 gaggillion points to their final score and caused a Fatality on me personally.

The Legendary Pink Dots rounded out the evening as only they can. I'm not a huge fan of their music, as it is a little too mellow for me at most times, however they do put on an excellent show. They played instruments I didn't know existed. They made sounds I'd never heard in nature. They smacked me upside my narcoleptic brain stem, and in retrospect it probably wasn't a great idea to sit down for this part of the concert, but the music was sooo relaxing that I feel I got just as much out of it as I drifted in and out of conciousness as I would have if I had been totally cognizant. They did a 10 minute encore and then everyone filed out back to their regular lives having spent for one evening a visit to a stranger world made wonderous by music.

Saw some people I had not seen in some time. Had some good conversations. Cured Chris's headache for awhile. Felt accomplished just by going to a show. Good times.
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