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Caught a viewing of Napoleon Dynamite this evening. I'd like to say it defies categorization, but there have been a good number of movies that I've seen in recent years that capitalize on the kind of uncomfortable humor that Napoleon Dynamite brings to bear. Let's just say, that if you enjoy nerd humor and liked films such as The Royal Tennenbaums or Mighty Wind you will most likely walk away from Napoleon Dynamite satisifed.

The showing I went to was hosted by a couple members of the Napoleon Dynamite fan club. They kept trying to spark Audience Participation moments. Doing the wave before the film started, throwing up Vote For Pedro signs, and various other things. I'm pretty sure that some of the other kids in the audience had been to previous screenings. During the dance scene bubbles started floating upwards from various areas of the audience.

I don't think Rocky Horror will have to worry about Napoleon Dynamite taking over the crown of Audience Participation.

I really need to catch up on my movie viewing. Still haven't seen Spider-Man 2, Farenheite 9-11, Arthur, Shrek 2, or actually a bunch of movies.
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