Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue

So I'm watching Farenheit 911 and my stomach is just churning. I feel ultra sick. Part of me wonders if maybe it's the V8 I drank interacting with the popcorn and hotsauce. Mostly I think it's the broadening realization of what a severe Butt Fucking this country has received since Bush took office. (emphasize took)

I've had to stop watching several times, to calm myself and fortify against the next scene. And I do believe in eternal justice, I believe the perpetrators of Terrorism with pay for the pain they caused, but that those in power who facilitate terrorists by ignoring the voice that cries out, the voice of poverty and of heartache, of starvation in a time of plenty, of ignorant disease when an ounce of knowledge could have prevented the ill, I believe that those who create the conditions that make terrorists do what they do will pay a far greater price.

Now I understand that I have quite a few Bush supporters on my friends list and hell a large part of my family is stridently pro-Bush, I just don't understand how we can be so blind to what ahs gone on. It's not just stupidity and a willingness to believe lies, there is a malicious intent deceiving here.

And I'm not going to say anything else, because I'm trying to make this journal a more positive place.

mmm oh I know, I boxed up a bunch of books today and have a huge stack that I'm going to take to a used book store tomorrow. If I can find time, I'll type up a list and if anyone wants to make me an offer on one or more of these fine literary tomes I'll set it aside until we can do business.
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