Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue

I'm in a posty mood.

I just wrote something in my long neglected writing journal, and mirrored it over on my myspace, I didn't really feel like copying it a third time so I'm just mentioning it and if you want to go find it I'll be happy to show the way.

Also watch this Taken. When I was shown the link the person who posted it described it by saying: "Holy shit. The fellah who made such groundbreaking animations as "Hitchhiker," "Bitey of Brackenwood," and "Prowlies at the River" has just said everything important that was said in the new War of the Worlds movie, except he said it better, he said it in Flash, and he said it in 45 seconds."

And even though I didn't see War of the Worlds yet, I can't help but think he's probably right.

What I did see last weekend was Fantastic Four. What I saw this weekend was Sky High.
I keep trying to compare and contrast the two movies... but the sad fact is Marvel got trounced by Disney on this one. Better cast, better story, more enjoyable characters, better movie. If you have to chose between Fantastic Four and Sky High, go see the kids movie, it'll make you feel good. All Fantastic Four did was make me feel fanboyish and cranky. Yeah it was awesome seeing Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny on the big screen... but they felt so hollow and Victor just wasn't Victor. The Spider-Man movie had the magic, X-Men has hit the ball out of the park twice already. Batman Begins HOLY SHIT that thing is good, and now Sky High just really made me smile. I guess I might also be a bit prejudiced in it's favor because two of the comic series I'm picking up currently star teams of young Super Kids: Freshmen (co-created by Seth Green!) and Hero Camp.

Anyway, I think if I try lying down again I might get a few hours of sleep in. Bye.
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