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Doomsday Review

doomsday 5 word review : mad max did it better

I don't really have to post a spoiler warning for the review of this movie, because chances are you've already seen this movie. At least a dozen times. Take Mad Max 1-3 (you'll swear you're watching road warrior during several scenes), add some Braveheart (cause it's set in Scotland...), Escape from NY/LA (stuck behind a big wall...), maybe a little 28 Days Later for flavor (infected craziness oh golly), and just a bit of Resident Evil (because we need a Mila type heroine...) Oh yeah, there's a climatic battle with a knight in armor vs. an unarmed woman in street clothes, so mabye a bit of a Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and Robin Hood because a couple people have bows and arrows (happy now Brad?)...
It's not a BAD movie, the acting is decent, the special effects are above average... for this type of film... and there's plenty of gore to keep the Fangoria fans happy. It's just predictable, trite, and done better in the original movies listed above.
I didn't really care if any of the characters lived or died. And don't worry they all pretty much die before you could even start to care about them, or even think about them as individuals. Heck this might be a post-apocalypctic buddy movie except the heroines male counter-part gets shot in the head with a shotgun five minutes in because generic badguy #2 stumbles over a doorstep.
Finally, the title is deceptive, it's shouldn't be called doomsday, there's no real Doomsday elements going on... it's just a reimagined version of the plague. The movie would have been better had it been titled Plaguelands, or even Reaper Virus, the so original name they give the super acne flu that kills everyone. Guess I should include I am Legend in the list of movie "homages" any of the 3 versions it doesn't really matter. So yeah see the 5 word review above and make your own decisions about where to spend your $8.

I think I stole this video from Manning on meanjournal.
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