Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue

Oh spam bots. How I missed you.

ashleyxoo91 1:49 PM
hey u. i uploaded those pictures finally! www.badkittie.craves.it
djdlr 1:49 PM
hi there. Are you a spam bot?
ashleyxoo91 1:49 PM
hey.i finally got new pics. uploaded some about an hour ago. www.badkittie.craves.it/
djdlr 1:49 PM
I'll take that as a yes.
Kindly fuck off and die. You are a waste of code.
ashleyxoo91 4:10 PM

djdlr 4:10 PM
ashleyxoo91 4:10 PM
i hope you want to chat with a horny girl today...
djdlr 4:11 PM
The only thing sadder than this being a bot, is if you were a real person stuck in front of a computer trying to lure morons to your site all day.
ashleyxoo91 4:11 PM
Accept the invite, if you need the link again its http://randomchatgirls.com/randomgirl?=2026
djdlr 4:12 PM
I neither need nor want the link. I am working in an office at this moment and must assume that your link is not safe for work. Please stop IMing me you horrible thing.
ashleyxoo91 4:12 PM
try this http://randomchatgirls.com/randomgirl?=6078
djdlr 4:12 PM
ashleyxoo91 4:13 PM
i am a little busy right now, just got a new laptop trying to set my cam up..
djdlr 4:13 PM
You couldn't pass a turing test even if you were a human.
ashleyxoo91 4:13 PM
i have a fetish for being on camera
djdlr 4:14 PM
you have a fetish for NOT EXISTING
ashleyxoo91 4:14 PM
you can watch my webcam but you're not a kid right??
djdlr 4:15 PM
This is actually the FBI you are being investigated for soliciting Minors. This conversation has been logged and will be used against you in your trial.
ashleyxoo91 4:15 PM
k ..well im gonna show you ..k?
djdlr 4:16 PM
If you want to be arrested. Go right ahead.
ashleyxoo91 4:16 PM
http://mylittlecamshow.com/acceptinvite?=3095 go there and my video will load, just click accept invite, its 100% free to join since I'm a premium member, you only need a credit card to verify that you are over 18 ;p
djdlr 4:17 PM
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