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Posted this on my FB on 11/24/12 thought it was worth mirroring here.

Saw two movies today.
Life of Pi and Skyfall.

Completely different films yet both had a scene where a monitor
lizard/komodo dragon had a significant role. Other than that there
isn't really any parallels between the two films.

Life of Pi is
based on an award winning novel of the same name. The author of the
novel famously stole the plot from another book which he had not read.
He heard the syn
opsis and said "oh I bet I
could tell that story better." The basic story is a man is shipwrecked
and has to survive in a life boat with a Bengal tiger. Beneath and
surrounding this story is a much more impressive yarn about survival,
life, religion, and what it means to be human. I do recommend this
film, we saw it in 3D because that showing better fit our schedule, but I
don't think it's 100% necessary to see it in 3D. I don't remember shit
in 3D... that being said, the preview for Oz the Great and Powerful
looks fucking amazing in 3D. I'd seen the regular preview prior to
Wreck It Ralph on Wednesday and it's amazing the little details that
stand out in a 3D preview vs the regular version.

Spoilers: I like the story with the Tiger better too. You'll know what I mean if you've seen it.

Skyfall is Daniel Craig's third foray in the immortal or perhaps I
should say undying British spy franchise... you know the one... 007
James Bond... the guy with the exploding Aston Marten. Chances are if
you're alive, you've seen a bond film. Any of the 30+ that are out
there with various Bonds, the epitome of male sexuality in a suit, ready
to do anything or anyone for Queen and Country. I still haven't seen
Casino Royale, but I did take in Quantum of Solace a few years back when
it was released and I will say that I enjoyed this Bond film more than
that one. Everyone has their favorite Bond, for many it's Sean Connery
for obvious reasons, I don't know anyone who really favors the Aussie
bloke. I grew up with the guy from Golden Eye... and I played the shit
out of that game at friend's places throughout the years, never did have
an N64 of my own... so unless you have no idea who James Bond is and
what he represents then you know what to expect from this movie. Gun
Fights, Car Chases, Gadgets, Hot Women, a slightly skewed world view...,
and a shit load of fun. Unless you hate this kind of thing go watch
it, the Villain surprised me because it took me a minute to realize who
the actor was and his motivations were never really 100% clear, but he
fits into the mythos nicely and does a good job being a creepy fuckhead,
also there's a bit of racy man on man action between him and James
which was a bit of a surprise, all I'll say is he's into bondage.

And shit I might as well talk about Wreck it Ralph as long as I'm in a
review mood. It's Disney, it's Pixar, it's got more classic video game
cameos than you can shake a stick at. It has lots of great humor and
shout-outs to gamers. READ THE GRAFFITI! A lot of my friends have
already seen it so I don't have to go into too many details here, just
you know, I dislike Sarah Silverman less because she did this movie.
Not that I hate her, but damn she's annoying sometimes. Most times.
Whenever she opens her mouth. Coming from a cute sugar themed kid
character it was more tolerable. So yeah, you like video games? You
like Pixar? Go see it. Or wait for netflix. Whatevs.
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