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Goodreads is down.

God Drug by Stephen L. Antczak

I purchased this book from the author at Necronomicon convention in Tampa way back in 2004.  It sat on my shelves for probably a decade before I read it.  The original reason I picked it up was because of the illustrations by artist Andy Lee who I had met at a few earlier conventions and who actually helped my friends and I out with a hotel room for Dragon Con one year, possibly also in 2004, although I doubt he'd remember the event.  Andy specializes in black ink artwork painted with a brush, kind of like a living calligraphy, I commissioned a skeleton key painting from him the same year that he helped us with the room at Dragon Con, I haven't seen him at conventions much recently, I hope he's still active.  Anyway, back to the review!  The author was very nice and was promoting his book so I picked it up, but just never got around to reading it until I was spending a lot of time reading on the elliptical at the gym one summer.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked the book. Quick summary that hopefully doesn't have too much spoilers is that there was a government experiment on a drug that could give someone super powers (sound familiar? King used this trope in Firestarter and a number of other books) and this story takes place a few years later down the line when one of the recipients of the powers is stirring deep in the bunker where the government has kept him locked away kind of like in Akira... Anyway, this book hits a lot of tropes, but the characters are for the most part engaging and some of the lines are catchy enough that they entered my own personal lexicon: "Eat all your goddamn peaches!"

Not sure how difficult it would be to pick up a copy of this book, Marietta Publishing doesn't seem like a big name in the publishing world and every time I buy something directly from an author I wonder if it is a limited release title.  In any case, if you can find a copy pick it up, the book is fun and the art is worth the price of admission. Fans of sci-fi, horror, and super heroes won't be disappointed.

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