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Ok here is the order of events:

Over a year ago my friend, Darren, made me listen to a song called the Gothic Surfarama.
Recently I decided I wanted to hear that monstrosity again and laugh like I did the first time.
After much searching (Gothic Surfarama is a google-wack btw) I chanced upon Vampire Beach Babes.com and Version 2.0 (the first one has a underconstruction sign up).
The links from this led me to Sex With Lurch which led me to Kelly Mantle which led to The Convent Movie.com Which led me to rent and watch the convent this evening.
(I skipped over how I read on glampyr's journal how good it was and that I could rent it at Hollywood video, but you get the general order of opperations.)

Awesome movie! Awesome soundtrack. Awesome Coolio dialogue.

Yes Coolio.

Rent this movie. Also go to www.kellymantle.com he's got some really swish mp3's up on mp3.com. I'm betting he has songs under his other personas too, so I'll check that out in a minute.

In other news: Went to the castle last night. Had fun, talked to some people, wore a pin-stripped suit and styled my hair. Pictures

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