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Comics and such.

Chynna Clugston-Major's Blue Monday is quite simply my favorite comic to come out in the last year. (Not that I've been reading too much but...)

I love everything about this book, the characters, the art, the story, and especially the taste in music. A comic like this doesn't come around nearly enough. I suggest everyone go out and pick up an issue as soon as possible. There are two mini-series and a one-shot out currently. That's all I know of because that's all I know, it's published by Oni and is like most of the work from that company of high caliber in printing and distribution. Check it yo.

After eating at the Spaghetti Wearhouse with my dad, step-mom, and step brother we navigated around the St. Patties day parade and I drove home along Hillsborough. Green Shift comics is on Nebraska right by Hillsborough and their selection has only improved since they combined the two locations into one store. Other than the Blue Monday I got some more Replacement God to add to my collection a Will Eisner book I hadn't seen before called Graphic Storytelling &Visual Narrative and something by J. Michael Stracynski and Michael Zulli that looks ver promising "Delicate Creatures." I made one other purchase but I can't mention it now because it is a suprise for someone who reads this.

I finally beat FFIII today the ending sequence alone was 20 minutes. Gosh but it was a good game... I can still go back and level everyone up.... hmmm.... I'm such a dork.

Spring break is over already and I haven't caught up on any of my school work. Oh well, at least I'm not sick anymore and I've relaxed a little.

Boom Shakalala.
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