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Spiderman: Awesome, go see it. You were probably going to anyway, and some of you probably already have, but still go. Better comicbook movie than X-men, in my estimation.

Psychodrama: Bad. Don't do it. Why can't people communicate properly? I'm too empathic for my own good and all the negativity around me is really making me ill.

Haircut: Good. Kat and Chris did it. Kat started taking the lion's share off and Chris finished up the details. It looks good. (I liked it before too.... but I also like this and I don't think my dad is going to tease me about it.... maybe.) I think Chris is going to post pictures on his lj and I'll let you know when that happens.

Beborn Beton: I love this band. They played a lot of my favorite songs and really shook the house up, despite the fact that the spot light guy was a retarded weasel. Bought one of their cd's. ^_^

Apoptygma Berzerk: This concert was an entirely different experience from the last one of theirs I went to. The band had a lot more energy for one thingand really seemed to be enjoing themselves. Their light show still left me blind but I got to hear all the classic Apop songs and hung out away from the press of the crowd up by the sound board. Afterward Shannon got to do his interview with the lead singer Stephan. I listened to most of it later and it sounds really good. I'll post a link the Starvox article when he's finished it. After the show I went backstage with Stacia and Ryan and hung out with the bands for a while. I ate some of their sandwhiches (Which my friend Sherri had actually made. ^_^ Go sherri! She and Graham rock.) and drank some of their sprite. (Ryan was dissapointed I wasn't downing heinakines like he was. pfft I don't like the taste.) The guys from the bands were very nice and Ryan and I have the opprotunity to go to Jacksonville and hang out with them at that show tonight. Fun times.

Ronan: From VNV nation fresh off his US tour and back in Tampa to Dj at the castle? Wow. The man has more energy than I. I couldn't brave the castle last night. TOO TOO many people. I'm sure it was very nice.

Denny's: Ah! Fine dining at its best. Kat, Chris, Shannon, Nikki (sp?), Sarrah, Michelle, Josh, and I hung out, shot the shit, ate some food and closed off a very full day.

Sleep: I really don't do enough of this. (yawn).
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