Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue


The Hobbit. It's more than the story in the book. Jackson has placed
call-backs to many of the original elements introduced in the Lord of
the Rings trilogy of films. A careful eye will devour the beautiful
landscape and sets, remembering scenes and vistas from the preceding
films (technically the sequel to this story). If you harbored any doubt
that the magic of the trilogy would be recaptured, please dispel that
now. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is more than a worthy successor,
it is like coming home. I re-read all 4 books when I went to Australia
this year, and re-watched all 3 LOTR movies for my birthday, and I can
honestly say that time was not time ill spent. I had literal fucking
chills my friends. And when the Lonely Mountain song was sung I will
confess tears escaped my eyes. But, I am a huge fucking dork...
audience experience may vary. Do I have technical complaints about some
of the pacing and the fact that they are pulling from the extended
cannon to stretch this into 3 movies? Yes of course, however part of me
is so glad that there are more movies to look forward to... so I'll
bury those complaints deep. I saw it in 3D. You do not need to, they
don't pander with effects and the movie is 169 minutes nearly 3 hours,
so if your eyes get tired wearing those glasses I'd say see it in less
expensive view. Only the real geeks will be upset about some of the
story changes, I understand why they did most of them, and the ones I'm
uncertain about I'm sure will be explained i the remaining films.
You're going to go see it. So I'm not sure why you're reading this.
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