Werther de Goethe in Blue (cinzazul) wrote,
Werther de Goethe in Blue


Ok, wow what a relief to not have to be the one plugging my ears when people talk about this movie now.  Every day since Thursday has been hell, especially at the comic book stores for Free Comic Book day yesterday.  I have not actually gone down my friend's list to see the complaints about the film.  But I can pretty much imagine exactly what they are.  People were hopping for an actual Ben Kingsly Mandarin with the ring powers, mystique, magic, all that good stuff.  Weren't the rings originally developed by the High Evolutionary?  I don't know there's a lot of versions.  What they got was a bait and switch with Guy Pearce, who I think was excellent, probably best villain for this franchise so far.  But honestly, if you saw the last two movies you would know that's that how this franchise does it.  There are no direct ports of villains.  In two Whip-lash was a hodgepodge of a few existing Iron Man Villains and had more to do with the soviet Red Guardian character than anything else.  And the first film? It was Tony vs. himself more than Jeff Bridges.  As soon as I heard that there was a twist, I expected it to be something with the Mandarin being a red herring.  The real villain always is revealed later on anyway, par for course and TVtropes.  And honestly I think Guy Pearce makes a great Fing Fang Foom.  Anyone else catch that?  That was nice for us old school geeks. So this is a positive review for me.  If you already posted something that I avoided while I was spoiler dodging leave a comment and I'll take look at your thoughts.

Oh and of course loved the Stan Lee cameo and hope you stayed through the credits.  SCIENCE-BROS 4 LIFE.
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