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Werther de Goethe in Blue

They Might Be Giants. (They are.)

Worked the They Might Be Giants show tonight.

Awesome. Just awesome, top of my list for best live shows I have attended. Terrific opener, terrific set, terrific after show activities.

The opening band OKGO, while I hadn't heard of them before, really put on a good show they did about five or 6 songs and finished up in a little under an hour or so. The best part, for me, was when they gave the audience a choice between hearing them rap or sing a song from Les Miserables. Les Miz won and the duet between the two lead singers, playing Javeret and Val Jean respectively, was just dead on. Very amusing and unexpected. During the entire night I was standing guard on the sound table making sure no one got too close and that only people with the proper clearance were allowed behind the line. This was good because it allowed me a great view of the stage optimal sound because the sound board was right beside me, and the right to drive anyone off who was invading my space.

Then They arrived. It is hard to describe the scene now, coming down as I am off of three hours of adrenallin, just awe inspiring really. They played all my favorite songs, a few new ones off the upcoming album (look in stores in June for you copy of No!) and two encores. I think the point where I knew it was going to be more than I had hoped for was when during James K Polk twin rockets were lit off the stage sending a popouri shower of shiny paper and confetti into the air. It was really interesting for me to see John and John sing the songs I knew so well, I now know who sings what parts on a bunch of songs (it's kind of blurred by I think I will be able to pick out who is who on my old tapes and cd's) Seeing the audience reaction was great too, an eclectic group of people showed up, about 1300 last count. I saw punks and goths and nerds and dorks and cool kids and hippsters and youngsters and oldsters and inbetweeners and whatevers all grooving out to the sounds of quirky music. Undeniably a TMBG evening.

After the second encore, Istambul, I said my good byes to a few folks and headed out to help guard the bus. Apparently after the Sister Hazel show last month someone wandered off and a few fans were able to storm the bus. A repeat of that would not do. Especially considering Linnel's experience with stalkers. So I passed both John's on my way out and complimented a few members of the back up band on their performances. Then to the barricades to explain that yes Flansburgh was signing autographs he's up front, and no Linnel isn't because he's feeling ill. And no showing me your tits wasn't going to get you onto the bus, and yes I'm sure I wouldn't like to see anything you have to offer either sir. Eric was out there too so I talked to him for a bit. The only snag in the entire evening was when the house lights were turned up prematurely after the first encore concluded leading many members of the audience to conclude that the show was indeed over. They ran back in when they heard more music however.

Finally, Mike (same Mike I punched we're cool again no grudges held) drove Linnel back to the hotel to get some rest and Flansburgh came out and ... (I'm not allowed to talk about this ask me again in June.)

So then I went in and hung out with the crew and one of the singers from OKGO for a bit. Cheescake and cherry coke and Signed posters ^_^ There were shirts going to the folks that worked too but they were all gone by the time they got to me. Maybe I'll get one if I can get to the show tomorrow in Orlando. They only had the red and white one's anyway. I'd probably only wear the black design. I hung out a bit longer chewing the fat with Alexis (their cats are due within the month and if there is a black kitten Stacia has dibs) the TMBG bus drove off and clean up was mostly done so I climbed off the stage collected some of the confetti for souveniers and headed home.

Oh I forgot to mention, I have a copy of the play list with illustrations. (Don't know but it might be the artwork of a John.) I'll scan it once I get a scanner, if I remember.

Here is what they played:

New York City
Minimum Wage
James K Polk
You're not the boss of me.
Cyclops Rock
The Sun is a mass
Spin/older/twist (bear with me this is in short hand)
Man it's so loud in here
Robot/shoe/grave ??? There was a song about robots from the new album I guess this is it.
John Lee (super taster new album song)
Particle Man
Drink (from mink car)
Yeah! Yeah!

then first encore
Fingertips and Dr. Worm


The two illustrations are of a bunch of robots with the intials TMBG on them and a pile of bones above Istanbul.

So yeah, that's all I'm allowed to talk about online. It rocked and I hope to see the show again tomorrow.
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